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What I Offer

New Baby Consultations

(birth to ten weeks)

  • Learn to observe your baby's individual communications & amazing newborn capabilities

  • Build confidence in getting to know their temperament, preferences & challenges

  • Support your baby's development & secure attachment

  • A safe & supportive space to reflect on your transition to parenthood

Ante & Post Natal Support & Psychological Therapies for Mums & Dads (birth to two years)

  • Planning or coping with the transition to parenthood

  • Parent-infant relationships & attachment

  • Infant development

  • Parenting support

Parent & Baby/Toddler Support

(birth to two years)

Common issues in the early years including:

  • Parent-child relationships & attachment

  • Developmental assessment

  • Feeding & eating

  • Toilet training

  • Sleep

  • Understanding & responding to your child's emotions & behaviours

  • Managing change & transitions

  • Sibling relationships

Developmental Assessment

(all ages)

  • Assessment & observation of your child's overall development via parent assessment, nursery/school observaton & parent-child play assessment

  • Recommendations & tools to support your child's development & emotions

  • Parenting support or further intervention as required

Psychological Assessment & Therapies for Families with Preschool & Primary Age Children (three to ten years)

Mild to moderate issues including:

  • Stress

  • Worry

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Low confidence/self esteem

  • Sadness/mild low mood

  • Sleep

  • Tics

  • Understanding & responding to behaviour

  • Managing change & transitions

  • Family or social relationships

  • Developmental assessment

Parenting Support

  • Parenting work to understand & support your child

  • Understanding & responding to your child's emotions & behaviours

  • Parent-child relationships & attachment

  • Coping with parenthood

  • Support for you as parents following the diagnosis of your child with a health or developmental condition

Psychological Assessment & Therapies for Parents

  • Exploring your own experience of being parented & how this affects your parenting

  • Mild to moderate emotional or mental health issues that impact on parenting (including stress, anxiety, low self esteem, mild low mood, irritability, perfectionism, procrastination)

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